BG Pumpen - Sewage Pumps

BGP-OSC Cutter Impeller Cast Iron Sewage Pump

Product Description

For pumping sewage water in permanent or mobile installations.
• Wastewater and sewage from industrie.
• Sewage pumping.
• Dewatering wastewater containing hard objects.
• Sludges up to maximum of 6% dry matter.• Build in cast iron or inox 304 or 316.
• Double mechanical seal


• Impeller is tipped with tungsten cutter to cut off hard objects and prevents impeller from being damaged by hard articles.
• Epoxy resin cable base, 2p dry motor, C3 deep grove bearing dual mechanical seals auto-cut protector.
Technical Data:
• Standard power connection for 60Hz, Single phase 1ø available 120v-240v, three phase 3ø available from 208-230/460v (other voltages on request)
• Protection IP68
• Insulation Class: F
• Free passage 1” aprox.
• Max fluid temperature: 37 ⁰F – 104⁰F (3⁰- 40⁰F)
• Max immersion depth: 10m


• Motor Housing: SS 304
• Hydraulic Housing: ASTM-A48
• Impeller: FCD450
• Mechanical seal: Carbon/Ceramic(SiC/Si on request)
• Shaft end: AISI410
• Oil Chamber: FC200

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