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BGP-TMR 6"-8" Stainless Steel Rewindable Water Filled Motors

Stainless Steel Rewindable Water Filled Motors
• 6″& 8″ rewindable water-filled submersible motors are all easy to rewind.
• The windings of the stator are made of a special water-proof wire of pure electrolytic copper sheathed with special non-hydroscopic thermoplastic material.
• The fine dielectric properties of this material allow direct contact between the windings and the liquid for efficient cooling of the windings.. }
• 5 up to 120 HP
• 6″and 8″ NEMA standard
• Max starts: 20/hr
• Insulation Class: B
• Ambient temp.: 30°C
• Degree of protection: IP 68
• Mounting: vertical /horizontal
• Cooling flow: minimum16cm/sec
• 6″ Max operating depth: 300m
• 8″ Max operating depth: 350m
• Motor Lead in 4m length
• Standard voltage: 380-415V/ 50Hz , 220V/380V/440V/460V/60Hz
• Voltage tolerance: ±10% of nominal U

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