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BGP-ABP Auto Booster Pumps

Product Features:

Auto boost pressure when water is consumed; stop running automatically when water is not consumed.

Pre-pressure one-piece forming diaphragm pressure tank with good appearance and corrosive resistant 

Install overload protector in motor´s circuit and thermal shutoff device on pump front cover to protect motor from burnout due to abnormal conditions.

May select stainless steel pump model to avoid being jammed shaft during long term idle.

Pressure switch made in japan is available upon request.

Working conditions: 

  • Ambient: 0~400
  • Liquid temp.: 0~400C.
  • Before using the pump, be sure the inlet pressure setting is lower than factory pressure activation point.
  • Clean water or another non-corrosive, non-flammable clean liquids without abrasives or fiber.


  • Water supply and pressure boosting in residential and commercial applications.
  • Water pressure boosting for barbershop, restaurant, sprinkler systems, washing machine, residence, villa. 


Motor spec.

  • Single-phase only / 60Hz frequency.
  • Enclosed class IP54 / insulation B.
  • Enclosed fan-cooled, 2 pole motor.
  • Built-in motor overload protector.

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