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BGP-P Model

Product Features

• It has built-in thermal overload protector which will extend product life cycle.
• The pump main structure is composed of reinforce plastic and stainless-Steel components.
• Anti-air lock vent hole design.
• Lightweight and portable design.
• Adds a connector for pipeline.
• Non-clog vortex impeller design.
• Max. Solid passage diameter is 9mm.
• Available with vertical connecting rod automatic float switch (Model: BGP-P03 and BGP-P05F). If water level is lower than its standard level, it Will prevent motor to burn up.

Working Conditions

• Ambient temperature: +0~40°C.
• Liquid temperature: +0~+40°C.
• DO not use it in sea water, corrosive and food grade liquid applications.
• It is used for continuous duty operation.
• Min. drainage height: 15mm.
• Includes vertical connecting rod automatic float switch—
• start/stop/height:
Starting water level: 190mm
Stopping water level: 100mm.
Starting water level: 178mm
Stopping water level: 102mm.


• Wastewater Drainage.
• Agriculture and landscaping water supply.
• Construction site and basement drainage.
• Fishpond circulation water supply.

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