BG Pumpen - Submersible Deep Well Pumps

Vertical Turbine- BGP-VTP


  • Standard Stainless Steel Investment Cast Impellers
  • Standard Ductile Iron Discharge Heads
  • Standard all Stainless Steel Bolting & Collets
  • BGP offers all 304SS, 316SS and duplex construction for corrosive applications 

Also offered are ductile iron, long lateral, double bolted pumps for deep set installations.


  • Civil, agriculture and industrial water supply systems.
    Sprinkler systems and agriculture irrigation.
    For Booster Pump system.

Operating Conditions: 

1 Flows: 50 – 15,000 GPM
Total Dynamic Head: 0 – 1,800 feet
Speed Ranges: 900 – 3600 RPM

BGPumpen -

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