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BGP-HWPB Hot Water Controlled Auto Booster Pump

Product Features:

· Build-in CPU control board. The pump will turn off automatically in 30 seconds if dry running occurs. It can protect motor from burnout.

· All-in-one booster pump unit, consisted of pump, motor, and CPU board. Heat-resistance material (Viton) for mechanical seal that can be used for hot water.

· Stable water pressure provided. During showers, the water pressure won’t change frequently which might cause water sometimes hot and sometimes cold.

· Small size for space saving.

Working conditions:

· Ambient: 0~400C.

· Relative humidity: Max.85%(RH).

· Liquid temp.: 0~900C.

· Working pressure: Max. 5 kg/cm2.

· Before starting the pumps, the inlet pressure should not exceed pre-set pressure.

· Suitable liquid: clean or non- corrosive liquid.

· Do not use it for underground water.


· Water supply for bathrooms, washing machines

and water heaters.

· Water supply for barber shops and restaurants.

· Boosting for water treatment equipment.

· Hot water pressure boosting from solar heater.

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